Frequently asked Questions:

Teaching Child To WalkQ: I think my baby may have a development problem but I’m not sure?

​A: Do not assume there may be an issue. Let the experts assess your child. The process will either put you completely at ease that everything is fine or will empower you with skills, support and a program specific to your child’s needs.

Q: What behavioral problems should I be looking for?

A: Again this is an area for the trained professional, diagnosis of your own child will only lead to anxiety and frustration.

Q: My child is 18 months old and only says mama and dada. What should I do? Should I be concerned ?

A: All children develop at different rates. It’s best to have a screening to see how we can encourage and stimulate his/ her language. We can help ease your mind and give you advice and direction as to what case of action may be necessary.

Q: What should I do if the doctor says my baby is fine but I’m still worried?

A: Allow your instincts to lead the way, doctors are not always trained in this particular field and may even be dismissive to your concerns. You should pursue an assessment with an expert in the field. Whether it is our service or another, we highly recommend you reach out for at least a second opinion.

Q: Why would this service be better than a face to face consultation?

A: Often young children can get distracted or distraught by a stranger or strange environment. We evaluate through observation with the aid of real time technology and a parent so that the child behaves as he/she would ordinarily. It makes our evaluations easier to do not having the child in distress.

Q: My child is not meeting his/her developmental milestones? What should I do?

A: Developmental milestones for children include taking their first step,waving bye bye,using their first word. Learn the signs. Act early! Many children with developmental delays are not being identified as early as possible. Research shows that early identification can greatly improve a child’s future.

Q: Can CDA diagnose my child through their screening?

A: CDA conducts developmental screening for infant to 5 years of age. The developmental screening can identify strengths and weakness in a child’s development and give advice, support and a specialized plan for your child.

Dear Michelle,
I would like to share with you how much we appreciate your help in the advancement of our twin girls Ava and Alexis. Because of your dedication, concerns and skills you have been able to help the girls achieve and exceed their milestones. During their whole Pe-K year as their SEIT you have been able to guide them and work with them to build their confidence and help develop them to reach their goals while staying in their current school that they love. Because of you they are able to understand and communicate to their teacher and peers with confidence. It has been so amazing to see these girls who were evaluated below average to now be evaluated as reaching their benchmarks and excelling. They are like night and day…They are thriving in Kindergarten! They would have had a much harder time if we did not have your assistance. You’ve not only helped them but you’ve helped my husband and myself through this whole emotional process as well. You have been invaluable to our girls and highly recommend your services to any child. Michelle, from the bottom of our hearts….Thank you!! Sincerely, the Smith’s



Working with Michelle has been a tremendously positive experience for our family.

Upon observing our three year old son for an hour Michelle was immediately able to provide various suggestions for interacting with him differently to help with his tantrums. She met with our family only a few short times but was able to arm us with a host of tools to help our son work through his anger and frustration.

Michelle explained that it may take time but if we were diligent in implementing some of her techniques and created routines, things would improve. For instance, Michelle showed us how to use breathing and counting techniques to calm him- and while we were skeptical at the onset that worked when nothing else did.

Michelle is a very warm, kind person whose demeanor will make your child and any siblings feel comfortable from the very first meeting.

I can honestly say that with Michelle’s help we have seen a complete turnaround in our son’s behavior. Our relatives, friends and sitter have all marveled at the extremely positive improvement in his behavior. Our son went from screaming and kicking when he was upset to using his words to express his disappointment and calmly working through it.

As a therapist Michelle is extremely knowledgeable, patient and engaging. Her suggestions and techniques are truly invaluable and my husband and I can’t begin to express how much she has helped our family. We would highly recommend working with Michelle.