Michelle Dell'Aquila

Early Childhood Specialist on Long Island

Michelle Dell’Aquila, M.A.

Michelle Dell’Aquila is the Director of the Child Development Advice program. She has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and is NY State Certified to teach early childhood education both in mainstream and special ed classrooms. With over 20 years experience herself, she leads a superior team of specialists on Long Island and oversees everything.  In fact most evaluations must be approved by Michelle before sent to parents.

Michelle has extensive training in the evaluation and treatment of various child development areas: Communication skills, auditory processing, autism, cognitive and social and emotional development.

Her philosophy is that all children have the ability to learn but that each learns in different ways and at different rates.  Michelle previously owned an extremely successful practice in the United Kingdom and then moved back to the States while she continues to help numerous families and their children.

The developmental assessments and implementing specific programs for families in school and at home has been both a joy and passion.

Michelle is a member of The National Teachers Association and Member of the British Psychological Society.