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Uncertain about developmental milestones?
Want access to an early childhood specialist in NY?

Child Development Advice of Long Island is a full service confidential support center with programs geared to your child’s specific needs.  We assess the child’s intellectual, physical and emotional development (infant to five years of age).  The best part… we do this in the comfort of your own home by our licensed early childhood specialist that have tremendous years of experience.  Not comfortable with online service? Located on Long Island and/or in the NY area?  No problem, we also offer in-person sessions.


developmental milestones

Our mission at Child Development Advice is to help as many parents as possible to understand what program their child may need or benefit from in order to correct or enhance their development. By having a screening in the comfort of your own home with our child specialist will give you either peace of mind knowing no other program is necessary or arm you with the knowledge to pursue what we recommend. No matter the situation or difficulty. We work closely with families designing the best approach for your child that is especially tailored to their needs. You connect with a real live specialist during a one on one online consultation. A few questions will be asked to assess your concerns and explain the program.  Our goal is to improve skills and help the child learn new skills under our therapy sessions.

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